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January 2019



Dear Supporters:


Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. was created in 2007 to start a fund from which we could address the needs of Veterans, our active duty Military and their families who have fallen between the cracks and have not received the help that they deserve. Often, our returning Troops are receiving quality medical care and support from the VA. However, too many times “the system” fails to meet their critical needs for one reason or another.


Our National organization with all of our state chapters are working tirelessly to keep Veteran awareness at a high level.  We have been able to address many Veteran's problems as they arise and help advance their causes with legislative efforts. Regrettably, sometimes we are simply unable to meet the needs of many Veterans because of bureaucratic delay or systemic shortcomings.


That is where Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. comes in. It is a tax exempt corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS and we are there to help when all else fails. You can learn more about Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. from our brochure or by contacting Rolling Thunder®, Inc.  National or any local Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Chapter. Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. is one of the most effective non-profit Veteran's organization in the country, giving  95% of all donations received directly to Veterans in need.  Spread the word and help disabled Veterans and their families.  We need your help in raising funds for Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. so we can help more Veterans in need, our active duty Military and their families.


Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. is proud to be one of our country's leading Veterans non-profits.  Our mission is getting 95% of all donations directly to Veterans who apply for assistance. Please donate today by clicking on the above PayPal Link. 


Thank you in advance, for your support to Rolling Thunder® Charities, Inc. in our Mission  to help America's Veterans.




Sgt.  Artie Muller
Founder/Executive Director




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