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Rolling Thunder, Inc. Flame of Freedom

The Flame of Freedom has one purpose and that is to be the symbol of hope lighting the way home for America’s silent heroes, prisoners of war/missing in action. Rolling Thunder’s Flame of Freedom is one of two premier symbols of the movement to convince our government to allow the return of American POW’s from Southeast Asia, Russia, China, Middle-East and anywhere around the world they remain. It supports educating the public and motivating public action on the issue through awareness. The Flame is the personification of the effort to bring our missing home. Rolling Thunder keeps the POW issue alive and so fuels the light of the Flames illuminating darkness. Rolling Thunder and the Flame are the life blood of the cry for rescue from our brothers left behind in the fight for freedom. This Flame is a focal symbol to elevate the level of public awareness for their plight.

Rolling Thunder Chapters are encouraged to coordinate the use of the Flame of Freedom in public ceremonies to educate the public about the plight of our POW’s in conjunction with Missing Man Ceremonies. The Flame is also the beacon to bring home those currently serving on foreign soil in harm’s way. It is desired that the flame will have continuous and consistent use around the country.

The Flame has two priority events when use of the flame is reserved. The first is the Candlelight Vigil at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Friday evening before the demonstration ride held on Memorial Weekend. The Flame is used to escort Gold Star families as they walk along the monument during this solemn remembrance of their loss.  The second is The Ride Home held during the POW recognition ceremony, in Andersonville, Georgia in September of each year. The Flame of Freedom is available for Chapter use at all other times during the year.

The Flame of Freedom is not a motorcycle ride or a single event. It is not carried by one member but all whose mission is to remind the country we will not forget.  It is an icon of the quest to bring home those still held in captivity. It is also the symbol of our country’s commitment to account for the missing. How the Flame is transported to ceremonies is not important. What it does to represent the mission of Rolling Thunder is the message.  

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will The Flame be used to solicit money for any purpose.



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